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SLC Agrícola wins “A Granja of the Year” award

SLC Agrícola, one of the world’s largest producers of grains and fibers, has been recognized for its corn cultivation efforts, winning the “A Granja of the Year” award, one of Brazil’s preeminent awards in the agribusiness sector, in the Corn Producer category. During the 2020/2021 crop, the company sold 663,000 tons of corn.

At the 36th edition of the awards, SLC Agrícola was elected by readers of “A Granja” magazine in a poll held on its digital platforms, which covered 30 categories. “We are glad to be recognized for the hard work put in by the SLC Agrícola team in corn crops. This achievement is also a result of investments, as well as the pioneering spirit and innovation that are part of the company’s DNA,” said Gustavo Lunardi, Chief Operating Officer of SLC Agrícola.

Lunardi added that another factor that secured the win was the excellent yield in spite of adverse climate conditions. “We believe some actions were fundamental: agricultural planning, in line with the planting season, choosing high-potential hybrids and early addition of nitrogen doses in the crop. With these, in 2020/21 we registered an increase of 34.4% in the second corn crop compared to the national average.  Next year, we will continue the actions that result in high yield and sustainability of our production system,” he points out.

Apart from the award, SLC Agrícola will be featured in the “A Granja do Ano” yearbook, which will bring interviews with winners of the 30 categories, sharing the actions that earned them recognition and the next steps for the 2022/23 crop year.

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