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Soybean tops Brazil’s crop output in value, at R$104 bn

Soybean production in Brazil is mainly exported – Photo: Licia Rubinstein / IBGE News


Soybean, sugarcane and corn are the crops with the highest impact on Brazil’s economy. According to the latest Agricultural Census, crop production in Brazil in 2017 came to R$308 billion, led by soybean, which accounted for R$104 billion, or more than one-third of the country’s total crop production.

In second came sugarcane, with R$49 billion, followed by corn, with R$34 billion, and arabica coffee, with R$13.5 billion. Rice, with R$8.6 billion, also surged in production value, climbing from 5th to 7th place from 2006 to 2017.

The growth in soybean production can be observed in the comparison with the 2006 Agriculture & Livestock Census. In the period, the harvested area expanded by 72%, the number of production sites increased by 9% and production volume grew by 123%. As a result, soybean assumed the lead in production value for the first time in an agricultural census, surpassing sugarcane, which is historically the top crop in production value.

Today, Brazil is the world’s second-largest soybean producer. According to 2018 data from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Company (Embrapa), most of the soybean produced in Brazil is exported, whether as bran, oil or primarily grain, generating US$40.9 billion in export sales.

The Agricultural Coordinator of the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute (IBGE), Octávio Oliveira, explains that one of the factors that helped boost production is the growing demand for poultry, pork and eggs. “Soybean and corn are fundamental components of animal feed, which has driven demand for the grains,” he explained.

Octávio also said that, even though it was surpassed by soybean, sugarcane production has remained stable, given that demand for the crop remains strong. One of the factors is the crop’s versatility, which is used to make biofuel, sugar and ethanol, with the latter added to the gasoline blend.


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Soybean tops Brazil’s crop output in value, at R$104 bn

Soybean, sugarcane and corn are the crops with the highest impact on Brazil’s economy, according to the latest Agricultural Census.


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